Daughter of an Italian mother and Basque father, who lives and works in Argentina, in the city of Rosario which is known for its great river port along the Paraná River.
She gives up her degree course on Econimics and she totally embraces the creative world of plastic arts.
She has been pupil of Miguel Ballesteros, whose works are part of collections in museums of Argentina, Spain, North America, China, the Vatican; and she has accomplished a secure pictorial technique with a deep knowledge of colour.
The expressive strength coming from her work, recreates a cultural atmosphere which is the basic of her existence: the love for the Italian art, the metaphorical and suspended in time passage between the Andes and La Pampa, the solar colour which reminds the Mediterranean, the plasticity of imagination, the intensity and sensuality of the emotion: a strong message both for the eyes and the soul.

Ivana Ceccherini
Art Curator

The Visual Arts Centre of Prato (Italy), offered the artist the opportunity of being known and appreciated at a personal exhibition heald at his shop window which is open to the city, from May 27 to june 7 , 2003.
Situated in the heart of the historic centre, it has presented the work of this artist who is attached to Italy in a way only a daughter could feel.

Paolo Calami
Director of the Visual Arts Centre
Prato (Italy)

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